“My dreams were all my own; I accounted for them to nobody; they were my refuge when annoyed — my dearest pleasure when free.”

— Mary Shelley

The sky seemed to be on fire.

Thunder roared over the still lake waters, beating like a heartbeat quickening in the dark.


A dark, gloomy daze had fallen over Lake Geneva, with thunderstorms and civil unrest plaguing all of Europe. …

“If Music be the food of love, play on”- William Shakespeare

Music plays a great role in the lives of almost all beings in the world. It has been an important part of our lives since the ancient times. The style has changed over time but the purpose hasn’t. It is the universal language for every creature in the world.

The basic purpose that music served was communication among people. This was achieved by people as ancient as the Aztecs. Aztec music was a constant and important part of life.

On June 18, 1901, the great Tsarina of then Russia, Alexandra gave birth to a beautiful daughter, the fourth daughter of the Tsar, Nicholas, much to his disappointment. After three daughters, all he hoped and prayed for was a son, but his prayers failed. She was christened Anastasia, meaning resurrection.

Three years after Anastasia, was born the heir or Tsarevich of Russia, Alexei, the last of the Tsar’s children and the only son of the royal pair. Like her other sisters, Anastasia deeply loved her brother and was very protective of him and showered him with motherly affection.

The five children of the royal family

Contrary to…

Most successful startups have hands-on founders

Photo by Mario Gogh on Unsplash

Research says the best-performing startups are those where the founder is hands-on with people management.

Startup founders with a hands-on management style are more likely to retain employees and see their firms thrive new research shows. The results are particularly applicable to knowledge-intensive technology firms, where human talent is the most critical resource that affects firm performance, the researchers say.

Founders are usually very busy people — they recruit vital employees, raise funds, find a board, develop partnerships, set strategy, and design the organization, to name a few responsibilities. …

Problems faced by today’s youth

Today, youth take pride in being called the “Millenials” or the “GenZ”; unfortunately, they grow before they age.

This youth population sees and faces so many issues right from a tender age. At the mere age of 13, when they were supposed to be going out, playing on a bright sunny day, they sit behind the glowing screens of their laptops, trying to grasp the world and its ways.

Due to the high pace of the world and in an attempt to catch up with its speed, people often miss out on the little packets of happiness they can receive…

Climate change is a current uproar all over the world. From shifting weather patterns to rising sea levels, the impacts of climate change are unparalleled in scale.

The effects are pretty alarming in Southern Asia as it is home to some of the countries most vulnerable to climate change. The region has a significant chunk of the global poor. Their overwhelming dependence on agriculture to earn a living exposes them to the perils of climate change.

Changes in temperature and precipitation patterns threaten food production. Increased cyclonic activity and sea-level rise multiply the risk of catastrophic flooding. This region has…

Imagine this: In a world full of only scientists, would there still be a need for artists?

There is a popular quotation from a very celebrated 1989 movie, Dead Poets Society, which has been making rounds on the internet for a couple of years now. It goes, “Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits, and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.” So, I think it is safe to infer from this school of thought that scientists in their hypothetical world would need artists after all. I do not agree…

With all the uncertainty and isolation of the coronavirus pandemic, anxiety and stress can be high. Here’s how to manage your mental health.

What is stress?

Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It comes from any occurrence or thought that makes us feel frustrated or nervous. This tension is our body’s reaction to a challenge or demand. To manage
stress is a war within oneself, and there are many ways to win this war.

After years of predictions on the decline of TV, the day may finally be here. According to a report from Bloomberg this week, TV advertising sales fell.

The first commercially produced television sets were based on the mechanical television system — made by John Baird’s television designs. These sets were shown off to the public in September, 1928. The world’s first television remote control was called the TeleZoom, and it can barely even be categorized as a remote control.

The TeleZoom was only used to “zoom in” to the picture on the television. The first television programmed to be aired was Queen’s Messenger was shown in WGRB station in 1928. In India National telecast was introduced in 1982.

In the same year, colour television was introduced in…

Previous attempts to forecast the spread of fire have been crude and inaccurate — but new experiments promise huge improvements.

We all have come across the headline “Amazon is burning” or “Forest Fire in Amazons” and many such this year. The newspaper, social platforms, and television all covered the news day and night. If we look deeper, we see that there were many casualties, a lack of awareness, and various political issues that led to such destruction. In India, too, two recent significant outbreaks of forest fires were witnessed. One was in Uttarakhand, which occurred in 2016. About 8600 acres of forest land were burnt, and in total, 1600 incidents of fire were detected throughout the forest. At last, the…

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